Scarab Miniatures Limited has acquired the 1/48th scale Projekt X and World War Two military figure lines from North Star Military Figures Limited.

Both ranges can be obtained and viewed in our web store. Distribution of both ranges to retail stores will continue to be handled by North Star Military Figures. Distribution enquires from other territories should be made to Scarab Miniatures Limited.

The miniature line for both ranges will be supported by new releases and a full background for Projekt X will be developed. This background, along with rules for table top gaming and other supporting material using the miniatures will be contained in a series of sourcebooks and PDFs covering both Projekt X and historical World War Two actions. We will also be adding popular WW2 based rulebooks and publications to our existing portfolio and where possible working with those companies on suitable expansions for Projekt X and 1/48th scale WW2 table top gaming.

The Projekt X range currently consists of 65 pewter miniature figures set in a World War Two background where the Allies and even the German people themselves face an evil and horrific foe. The World War Two Military Figure range contains 39 British, German, American and Russian four figure packs with some more Late War German packs to come.

The miniatures will be particularly appealing to painters as they are large enough to justify spending time on and adding plenty of detail, but not too large so that it takes too long to complete individual models. Plastic kit, die cast and resin companies (such as Tamiya and Corgi) produce 1/48th scale vehicles, aircraft, terrain, buildings and accessories which offer exciting modelling possibilities to bring your table top or diorama to life for a complete hobby experience. The Projekt X and World War Two ranges can be used with the larger 28mm sized terrain and buildings that are now available. Many 28mm WW2 wargamers will already have some 1/48th scale vehicles in their collections. Trees and hedges from a variety of scales can be utilised. Gamers looking for a true skirmish level gaming experience or even a bigger battle will have great fun collecting and painting these models- we do! 1/48th scale equates to model humans approximately 36mm tall. Some gamers and collectors will already be familiar with the 40mm ranges currently available which are growing in popularity.

Scarab Miniatures Limited stock 1/48th scale Tamiya and Hobby Boss vehicles and are currently adding more for a complete 1/48th scale product offer to customers.

Why Scarab obtained the ranges and some additional background

We have always enjoyed modelling and painting as well as wargaming and so when the opportunity arose to acquire these ranges, it seemed too good to miss. Projekt X was one of the first of its kind and has been imitated since. It does require much more background and depth which is something we will be developing over the coming months and years. We intend to intertwine Projekt X into some of the darker parts of WW2 history but endeavour to avoid glamorising the Nazis and SS, although obviously they will still be featuring. Projekt X will be one of the many "secret organisations within the organisation". World War Two will still end in 1945. You will see plenty of additions to the British, Russian and American forces, as well as a complete Japanese expansion. Germany and Japan shared technology and information during WW2 and we look forward to exploring that in more detail, as well as developing the background into related historical periods and different miniature scales and sizes.

We are also looking forward to expanding the core historical 1/48 scale World War Two range. There are numerous small actions that are perfect for wargaming or as dioramas. We expect our supporting material to contain an extensive mix of gaming, modelling and collecting articles.

The toy soldier collector will not be forgotten. Over time we plan to add pre painted options for all the Scarab Miniatures Limited ranges and offer a range of styles to suit various budgets.

Our Great War ranges will not be neglected. We have new releases for the French already in development and will also be investigating some other related publishing options.

All the latest developments and news can be found on our News page and at the Scarab Miniatures Forum.

Our thanks to Nick Eyre at North Star and Richard Ansell for ensuring the hand over has all gone smoothly and thank you for your interest and your custom

Projekt X and all related characters are now trademarks of Scarab Miniatures Limited